Saturday, August 13, 2011

Local Edition, Eat Local Challenge

Celebration meal '10.
The Fourth Annual Eat Local Challenge begins today!. Audrey, Maurene and I stopped by The Merc to sign up before we headed to the Downtown Farmers Market this morning. By bringing pictures of the girls with their garden I was able to get each girl a stamp to start off their passports. You only need seven stamps to complete your passport and you have two weeks to complete the project. We participated last year and had a great time. Stamps can be earned by shopping at The Merc, eating at local restaurants, and buying food from the Farmers Market. We get a CSA share every week and shop at the Farmers Market. It should be easy for us to get both girl's passports filled. At the end of the challenge there will be a fun potluck at Centennial Park to celebrate together. If you are local you should join up with us! Those with children can take little ones to The Merc so they can enjoy shopping as much as Audrey.

Young locavore.

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