Saturday, August 6, 2011

Local Edition, Douglas County Fair

Yes, we went to another fair! This time Audrey did not fall in love with a cow. I have to admit, this time, it was a llama.

Can we take him home, mom?

And, again, Maurene wanted to ride the ponies. I could not say no to her sudden interest in animals. She sees her sister having fun and that is helping her get over her fear of animals.

She actually touched her pony!

Audrey loved how tall her pony was.

The fair was wonderful. I wish we had more time to look at all of the exhibits. Unlike the Becker County Fair, we knew people and kept running into friends. We also made sure to visit the night of the Farmer's Market at the Fair. They had a chef's food challenge as well as many booths with food and information. One of our favorite farmers brought the sweetest grape tomatoes and Audrey ate one! This is the first time we have found a tomato that she enjoys.

Grape tomatoes with lunch.

I spent a lot of time talking to vendors and other locals in the community. Here is some of the great information I was able to obtain:

I don't think I will be able to get through all of this information any time soon. For me, going to the county fair was like a toddler going to a toy store. They almost couldn't get me to leave. While my friends sat with my girls, I talked to the local foodies. I also found out that Audrey gets to start 4-H when she is seven years old. We are both excited. The fair continues today so stop by to check out all of the exhibits.

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  1. Fairs are so much fun! I love all of your photos, so cute. I've never eaten a grape tomato!

  2. We ended up purchasing a large amount of those grape tomatoes. They are really good and we have been snacking on them.


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