Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Can Do It Myself!

Mo loves to help in the kitchen. She started her culinary career months before her big sister. Audrey was around 20 months but Maurene just over one year of age. They both love to help but Maurene will sometimes hang out on the edge of the kitchen to see where she can insert herself. A lot of times she thinks a task I am working at looks easy enough so she will pull her chair up and attempt it herself. Such was the case with peeling the carrots:

What to do now?

I simply let her try. The carrots were to go into store-bought sauce for pasta. I like to insert any vegetables in the fridge into tomato sauce because it is an easy way for the family to consume more nutrients and use up the food that might be going bad. These particular carrots were from our CSA a little bit back and the girls have suddenly decided they do not eat baby carrots. Toddlers amaze me with their ideas sometimes. 

After a bit of her trying to peel the carrots I stepped in and helped. She then helped me stir the pasta. One good turn deserves another! 

If you have a helper in your home; let her help. She may peel the carrots with the wrong side of the peeler or stir the pasta too vigorously but, someday soon, she will get better. I am looking forward to the day when I can sit back and let my girls cook me dinner. Until then I have my helper. 

She can do it herself.

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  1. Such a good point--oftentimes, I feel like waiting until my kids can handle the peeler, spoon, etc to help but how can they learn if I never teach them? Thanks for all the fun ideas!


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