Friday, July 22, 2011

Start Simple

So, you realize your family could use some healthy eating habits but you don't know where to begin. Start small, start simple.

When training for a 5k you do not run the entire distance the first day. You begin by walking a mile and build up from there. Healthy eating habits start the same way, by building slowly. And don't stress, it may take longer to get your new habits established than it will take you to train for a 5k!

Tips For Building Healthy Eating Habits
  1. Talk about food. Do your children know where their meat comes from or what their favorite vegetable looks like raw? Take a field trip to the grocery store.
  2. Take inventory of your food and get rid of the highly processed, non-nutritious foods. You can replace them with healthier versions or learn to make your own homemade.
  3. Look at cookbooks and discuss the ingredients. If a recipe calls for something exotic to your family brainstorm about alternatives.
  4. Have water or milk with dinner and ban sugary drinks from the dinner table. Decide to save them as snacks or special treats.
  5. Confess a food challenge and offer to overcome it together. Have you always thought you disliked green beans? Try a new recipe and see if you change your mind. (This happened to Audrey's daddy.)
  6. Start cooking. It might not be easy in the beginning but keep after it. The rewards will build slowly. Audrey started cooking two years ago and she is a real help in the kitchen.
  7. Plan a garden. Big or small gardens can have a huge impact on young children. I doubt we do any more planting this year but I have ordered a physical catalog so we can look at the pictures.
I have no idea why there are seven tips, not ten or five, just seven. Maybe I will give more after you start your 5k training...

Make sure to wear your snazzy sneakers while training

And drink lots of water

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  1. I must have missed the memo on the healthiness of Legos! LOL!

  2. Great tips! I love the idea of talking about challenges.

  3. Diana, Legos are the best!

    JDaniel4sMom, I have learned about family challenges from, great site!


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