Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rainbow Moms

Audrey, Maurene and I are on a little mini vacation in the great state of Minnesota. We come here for a little bit every summer to spend time with the girl's grandparents. Their grandparents have a nice place right on a lake and we enjoy our trips very much. This year has been exceptionally nice with the weather warm enough to swim in the lake and both girls old enough to play in the sandbox and pool in the front yard. It is the perfect place for two toddlers and a mom to relax. 

Since the girls are so busy playing they have not been in the kitchen as much. So, I decided to bring you a previously written post to share some of our adventures along the road to healthy eating and kids in the kitchen. Today's post was about a Rainbow Party we held to share our love of colorful eating with friends. Enjoy!

When trying to make any change the best thing to do is to tell your friends. They can be there for advice and support when you need it. Audrey and I decided to share our Eating Rainbow challenge with friends at our playgroup this week. It was our turn to bring snacks and we shared healthy, rainbow snacks. Audrey went shopping with me and we purchased a full rainbow of fruits and one of vegetables. At the end of our playgroup the only thing left on either tray was a few eggplant. The eggplant was picked this weekend by Audrey, her sister and I from a local farm.

Beautiful peppers

Yellow and orange carrots
Picking eggplant

A rainbow of food

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  1. I love that there is one for fruits and one for veggies. Have a great trip!

  2. I was born in northern Minnesota and we ventured there every summer as well in my childhood to visit extended family. Your sweet story brought back splendid memories ...thanks :)


  3. @JDaniel4's Mom, We really worked hard to fill a rainbow for each. But it was fun!

    @Marisa, I am so glad to hear. Audrey's grandma is from Austin, MN and her father was born in Fargo. The in-laws now have a place in Detroit Lakes and we visit every year.


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