Sunday, July 17, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Apple Salad

Maurene was the first to volunteer to help make the Muffin Tin Monday meal. For a toddler she is pretty astute. She realizes that the individual helping gets to make more decisions about food selection and quantity. For that reason we have strawberries, bananas, and clementines, Maurene's favorite foods. Audrey helped chop the banana and then she helped me make an apple and celery salad.

Food placement

Adding the right ingredients

Apple Celery Salad
  • 3/4 apple, we used fuji
  • 1 celery rib
  • 1 tbsp each olive oil, honey, apple cider vinegar
Chop the apple and celery. Mix oil, vinegar, and honey, add the apple and celery. This is a simple and tasty side dish that works well in the summer for a light salad.

Banana, clementine, strawberry, blue berry, apple salad, cherry tomato, raspberry
And now for some really fabulous Muffin Tin Meals from last week.

I clicked on the post for Don't Eat the Daises because the tins are so cute. And then I read the funny little story that sounded just like so many around our house. It is nice sometimes to hear that other mommies are struggling just like I am!

Don't Eat the Daises

Come Play With Us shows us how pretty a simple tin can be. While the foods are basic, the presentation is not. Sometimes a little extra effort will pay off in a big way.

Come Play With Us

This next tin from Journals of a Stay at Home Mom shows how she not only encouraged her children to play with their food but then made them share a tin! I love that she served healthy ingredients and let them decide what they wanted to eat.

Journal of a Stay At Home Mom
The mom behind SoulShine had her children help her make the meal for Muffin Tin Monday so you know why I feel in love with that tin. I love this picture of them working the dough.

Our last tin is simple, yummy, and contains food from the family's garden. Tammy's Times shows us that locavors can be two years old!

Tammy's Times

As always, visit Muffin Tin Monday to check out all of the amazing meals from the week. If you run into some free time you should look back at weeks gone past for ideas. There are truly amazing meals posted there.

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  1. That salad sounds delicious! No celery in India, but I'm bookmarking this to try when we get home.

  2. The salad looks wonderful! I love that they helped make it.

  3. All your muffin meals looks great! I love the way you make the ham look like a little flower in one of them.

  4. Yummy looking tin - my girl loves all kinds of berries, too!

  5. The apple salad sounds easy and great! My kids love to be the one whose turn it is to help make tins for exactly the reason you said...then they determine portions and get a sneak peak of what's in the tins.

  6. This is a pretty awesome idea. (Even for me, miss picky pregnant eater.) I am going to have to pick this up when my fiance daughter comes over! :) She's a piglet!

  7. I love the sound of the salad. And i love having my girls help in the kitchen, though I don't let them help with muffin tins because I like to surprise them, I'm just like that.

  8. This is the easiest and tastiest salad I have found. The girls still pick out the apples and leave most, if not all, of the celery. We are trying!
    @kewkew- I love the idea of surprises! My girls know they get to help so there would be use trying.

  9. Mmm yummy! Pea soup is awesome, and every thing looks so yummy! Thank you for sharing them, and thanks for sharing my munchkin's muffin tin too(0: That apple salad sounds awesome, and we just so happen to have all of the ingredients! Sounds like a perfect side for tomorrow's lunch(0: Thank you! I love all of your kids in the kitchen ideas(0:

  10. Such cute examples and your apple salad sounds great!

  11. Thanks for picturing my first muffin tin meal here! It's so fun to see everyone else's creativity too.


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