Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lunch Bags

Audrey received this adorable backpack from a dear old friend of mine for her second birthday. I loved it so much I purchased one in the monkey style for Maurene for Christmas. And today, while looking at Back-to-School supplies on Amazon I find that they make lunch bags! Matching! Resistance is futile. I don't know if I will go ahead and purchase them now or wait for something special like Back-to-School. That is a special holiday, right?

What got me thinking about lunch bags was a recent trip to Target and a stroll into the special Back-to-School section. Audrey had been asking for a blue striped notebook for a new field journal (apparently toddlers keep field journals?). I found one, and for only ¢10! At that price I had no problem getting one for Maurene. While the girls were exclaiming their delight over the new notebooks I perused the lunch box isle. It is a good thing we do not have much money to spend on lunch containers or the room to store them because I would have gone a little crazy. I did end up getting chilled snack containers for the girls that are just like this:

You will see those chilled containers quite a bit in the coming months as we pack lunches for What's For Lunch Wednesday. It pays to have chilled containers in this heat. It's Hot in Topeka!

Enjoy the summer folks, the school year is just around the corner. With the beginning of school we will have a number of food issues and food fun. Stay tuned for fun foods to pack in those cute new lunch bags.

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  1. With Kindergarten starting in 5 weeks (OMG...my baby is starting school...but my oldest is starting college too...LOL!) I am starting to obsesss about bento supplies. I am frugal & money doesn't grow on trees around here so I am trying to get the most bang for my buck. My sis is coming to visit next week and she lives right by Ichiban in San Fran, so I am sending her shopping for the little supplies (egg molds, picks, cutters) for me. Space in her luggage is limited so I am on my own to find containers. My biggest concern is the container staying sealed but it being easy enough for her to open & close. That lunch container looks interesting. I am not too worried about heat as my daughter's school has A/C and I plan on putting the container in an insulated bag. We did pick up a few ice packs from the dollar spot the other day.

  2. Darn it! My comment didn't post :( Oh well! You'll have to tell us how they stand up ... I was looking at reviews of kind I saw on an infomercial, and they said they fell apart quickly. But it would sure make it easier to have a healthy lunch with something like this.


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