Saturday, July 16, 2011

Local Edition, Tulsa Style

We decided to take the toddler tour of the Farmer's Market while in Tulsa visiting family. Despite the heat we had a great time. The market this year has grown and is now takes over Cherry Street. It spans approximately two city blocks and has vendors selling produce, dairy, eggs, baked goods, and homemade goods. There was also one other vendor who caught my eye, Tidal School Vineyard. Just like at any market it pays to talk to the vendors. I discovered that Oklahoma can grow Shiraz! The grapes for this wine were grown, "in the Deep Fork River Basin, giving it a bold, and earthy flavor." I know that a cooking blog for children is not the best outlet for wines but momma needs a nice beverage with dinner, right? Plus we are going to find a nice recipe to cook with the wine when we return.

Regardless of where you might live you should check to see if there is a local food market within driving distance. Next week we will be on vacation in the great state of Minnesota and you should see pictures from another market. Audrey went last year and enjoyed the rainbow of produce available. I have a picture of her picking an apple off a table and eating it. Needless to say I purchased the apple for her. I am excited to see what she might be interested in purchasing this year.

It was hot and sunny in Tulsa today.

We would love to see pictures of you visiting a farmer's market. You can upload them to our Facebook Fan Page.

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