Saturday, July 30, 2011

Local Edition, Becker County Fair

Do you visit your county fair? We usually don't in Lawrence but I do love to go back to my hometown for the state fair. When Maurene was born we decided to stay with the girl's grandparents for a few weeks while their father was working. During our stay we made our first visit to the Becker County Fair. Somewhere I have a picture of Audrey petting a cow. She loved it!

This year our visit again corresponded with the county fair and we decided to go. 

Audrey has wanted to milk a cow for several months now. I think she read about it in a book and decided it sounded like fun. If only farmers milked cows by hand anymore. I looked at the fair events and found the dairy show time. We went. Audrey fell in love with a three-year-old cow named Cocoa. And she got to watch the farmers milk a cow. Cross that off our bucket list.

Her highness on her horse

Mo got on a horse!

The sheep were friendly

Audrey and Cocoa

Next farm girl

Mamma's milk

We took two days to enjoy all that was offered at the Becker County Fair. I left out the pictures of Audrey riding the Ferris Wheel and Maurene on the little Flying Bees. I did want to share some interesting bits of information I learned:
  1.  The University of Minnesota has an extension office for canning, cleaning, and food safety questions: 800-854-1678
  2. 4H is an amazing organization that connects children to learning in such creative ways
  3. Minnesota Milk tastes good and is only .50 with a free refill at the fair!
I wish we had more time to spend getting to know the farmers and the crops and animals. It was truly an educational experience.

The first day the girls wore their Tea Collection dresses. I am glad they wash well because they played hard!

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  1. Ohhh, this looks like sooo much fun!! I followed you on GFC last's not working now though. Have a great weekend! GREAT blog!! @littleislandstu

  2. Such cute pictures! I love the one where she's hanging on the gate. My kiddos love the fair, but we still need to got this year. :)

  3. My kids love the fair, too! Great shots...

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