Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Play With Your Rice?

Toddler Tips and Tricks

Not all toddler tasks in the kitchen have to be productive or helpful. Sometimes it is fun to just play. I used to work in a PreK classroom and we had a sensory table for the children to dig their fingers into. It was a favorite activity among the kids. Children love tactile experience and learn much better if they are able to touch something. Since there are a lot of dangers in the kitchen I spend a great deal of time telling the girls to be careful or not touch that. Today I told them to touch this:

Rice buckets

They played for almost an hour and cleanup only took ten minutes. Inside the tubs I placed measuring cups, measuring spoons, and spatulas. It was like real kitchen work time, but more fun. Next time you need an hour to clean, read, write, or relax, try this.

The amazingly comfortable and cute dresses were provided to us by Tea. Their Collection of dresses is adorable. Audrey loves that this outfit has a pocket (for rocks, of course!) and Maurene loves the matching bloomers for her dress. I really should have included standing shots but they were having so much fun playing I could not get them to stand. Trust me when I say that you will be seeing a lot more of these outfits as they have instantly become favorites. Tea also has really cute boys clothing

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  1. I used to direct a child care center and we would fill up our sand table with rice - the kids loved it!

  2. I always forget about this kind of thing! Thanks for the reminder. My daughter would love this.

  3. Ha, ha... the trick is to not get sucked into playing with it yourself. It feels so good to dig your hands under a pile of rice and let it roll off.


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