Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day at The Beach

While I was away at a conference recently Audrey's daddy took the girls to the beach. Yes, here in Kansas, we have access to a beach. When I returned the girls told me all about the exciting trip to the beach. Their daddy must have enjoyed the trip as much as they did because he suggested a return visit this week. We packed a picnic dinner, some sun screen, and headed out. The girls had a great time running in the waves and playing in the sand.

Bloomington East Swimming Beach

Sometimes getting a little exercise can be fun for the entire family. Even if you do not have a lake or ocean nearby you can still enjoy a picnic with the family at your local park. Grab a blanket, sunscreen, food, and toys and head out. Have the kids help you make a boxed meal for each family member. Audrey likes to pack fruit and veggies with dip. She has also been very interested in celery recently.  We forgot the beach toys this time but you could use anything: bubbles, squirt guns, frisbees, or favorite toys. At the park sidewalk chalk or kites would be fun. The goal is a little outside exercise for the entire family. After you run around with the kids for a bit it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy a few pages of a mystery novel. It is the summer, after all, and the reading program is in full swing.

Audrey's bento meals

If you would like fun ideas for great packed meals you should visit Shannon Carino at She packs some of the best meals I have ever seen. Hoping to make it down to Dallas one day to get a bento lunch from her.

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  1. What fun! JDaniel has been dying to go to the beach.

  2. Ooh, an idea for bringing food to go for the family. Just what I have been thinking about and looking for!


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