Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Crayons

Cooking in the kitchen with your children does not always mean producing food. Sometimes it is more fun to make cool things to play with. Today was just such a day at Audrey's house. I have been saving the broken ends of crayons for a fun activity for quite a while now. The girls sat on the kitchen floor and diligently peeled the paper off broken crayon pieces. 

Hard at work

They placed them in heart and star shaped tins I purchased at the dollar store years ago and have kept for just such an event. After the paper was removed and the larger pieces broken up we placed the tins in a 350°F oven for around 15 minutes. There is no exact science to melting crayons, just keep an eye on it.

Watching them for mom

After I placed the cute tins in the oven to bake. They are adorable and the girls are having a blast coloring with them. If you have toddlers, or even school age children, I recommend this project highly. Everyone had fun.

Hearts and Stars

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  1. OHHHH, this is lovely and soooo much fun!!! Thank you so much for posting! I am going to post on page!

  2. Great crayons and a fun way to use up the little bits. My neice bought my daughter the crayola crayon maker for Christmas and we are always making new colors.

  3. This is BRILLIANT! Thank you for sharing and I must say that you do have two of the hardest working and cutest little helpers! :)


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