Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snacks are a SNAP, Strawberries

When in season these are very affordable fruit. They are easy to store and easy to fix. My girls love strawberries and everything we make with them. We have plans to head to a local strawberry farm for pick-your-own soon. I wonder if they will have me weigh the girls before and then pay the difference as we leave. When we return home here are just a few of the ways we will use up the tasty strawberries:

And, of course, with every meal. The girls love strawberries and eat them plain with many meals. If you follow our Muffin Tin Monday Meals or What's For Lunch Wednesday you will see strawberries often. What is your favorite easy to prepare fruit?

Mo loves strawberries

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  1. I'm sure your kids will have lots of fun picking berries at the farm. We actually planted some strawberries this year and the kids have had a blast looking for the ripe ones every day. It's the most fun they've had with anything I've put in the garden.

    As far as our favorite easy fruit, it's probably a three way tie between strawberries, bananas and apples.

  2. Mo loves bananas as well. I bet she could not decide between strawberries and bananas.
    We also put in strawberries a few years ago but the bunnies get most of them. Audrey did get three pretty little fruits this week.


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