Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snacks are a SNAP, Lettuce

This week for our post to bring awareness to the problems facing those receiving food assistance (SNAP) we bring you a post about a healthy and versatile vegetable, lettuce.

Audrey's first job in the kitchen was to help her grandma make salads. She would bunch some precut lettuce into a few bowls and add the toppings. Here is a picture of her with so much topping shoved into her mouth her cheeks are puffed out. She was not what anyone would consider helpful. But it did start her on the road to where she is today.

Making her signature strawberry salad 

When Maurene started helping she was assigned the same tasks. Lettuce is easy to use to make a quick after school snack with lots of fruit, nuts, and cheese. That is the way Audrey and Maurene enjoy their salads. Here are a few of our favorite lettuce recipes:

    Mo gets to tear the lettuce
    Lettuce can easily be thrown on top of a burger to add nutritional value or to a great deli style sandwich for added texture. We love our little container garden leaf lettuce plants that allow us to add lettuce to any snack or meal.

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