Thursday, June 30, 2011

National Bomb Pop Day, Giveaway

Did you know today was National Bomb Pop Day? Me either until the fabulous people from Blue Bunny contacted me to see if Audrey wanted to participate. How could I say no? We have been working on a great red, white, and blue muffin recipe that fits perfect with those iconic red, white, and blue Bomb Pops. Plus, Audrey loves ice cream.

She had so much fun making the recipe and enjoying it with her Bomb Pop. It ended up being the hottest day of the year here in Kansas so we took our pops to a shady spot at the park and dripped all over our blanket. After we threw a little of the dry ice in a cup of water and watched it creep all over the table. I love sharing fun science experiments with the girls.

She dressed herself
Be careful your blue does not drip in your milk
Love dry ice!

You too can enjoy this yummy treat. The wonderful people at Blue Bunny are giving two of my readers free shipments of Bomb Pops! Keep reading to find out how to enter.

Red, White, & Blue Muffins

  • 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/4 cups milk (I use whole milk)
  • 3/4 cup chopped, fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 cup dried, wild blueberries
  • 1/2 cup chopped macadamia nuts
Preheat oven to 400°F. Mix flours, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl, set aside. In large bowl beat egg, add milk and sugar. Stir well to combine. Pour dry ingredients to wet and stir until just combined. Add strawberries, blueberries, and macadamia nuts and stir enough to spread throughout batter. Fill 12 greased muffin tins 3/4 full and bake for 17-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in the tins for 5 minutes and then move to a cooling rack. Try to keep the toddlers and yourself from eating them all before dinner. I recommend taking the extras to daddy's office for his fellow employees to enjoy so you are not tempted to eat them all. Not that I have done that...

Helping chop with Curious Chef Knife
Time to crack the egg
Yummy red, white, & blue batter

Audrey and Maurene's Tasks:
  1. Add the ingredients to respective bowls (Wet to oldest and dry to youngest)
  2. Crack egg (Audrey)
  3. Stir
  4. Help add fruit and nuts
  5. Stir again
  6. Place in tins (Audrey)
Mom's Tasks:
  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Assist girls
  3. Add dry to wet ingredients
  4. Chop strawberries (sometimes girls help)
  5. Grease tins
  6. Bake
Now how do you win those Bomb Pops? Simple, leave me a comment about your fondest childhood summer memory. I loved getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. We were not always lucky enough to convince our mother that ice cream from the truck was a good use of our money but when we did, yum! I would hop on my bike and take my treat to the park to enjoy alone.

I will leave the contest open until July 15th, Maurene's birthday, at midnight. The winners will need to provide a street address as the package will be sent overnight in dry ice! How cool is that? You too could have a science experiment with the dry ice after you eat your Bomb Pops. Please include an email address with your comment. We might get creative and have the girls draw numbers out of a hat or something similar. I will update with my decision.

The great folks at Blue Bunny provided us with a free shipment of Bomb Pops. All opinions expressed here are mine, Audrey, and Maurene's. No other consideration was given for this post. 

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  1. My fondest childhood summer memories were swimming in my backyard pool! I always had friends over and my Mom would let us have lunch on the deck. Summer seemed to last forever!

    And I remember sneaking quarters from my brother's piggy bank for the ice cream man, lol!

    -Debbie (

  2. I remember spending summer at my grandparents farm.

  3. Mmmm... I remember my Mother sending me off on my bike with a dollar. Streamers waving in the sun, I pedaled as fast as I could down the bumpy sidewalk. I could spend it on a Popsicle of my choice at the corner market. Bomb pops were one in a sea of yummy treats I had to choose between. Yum!

  4. One of my fondest memories is going camping with my dad!

  5. Playing outside from dawn to dusk with neighbor kids...coming in for meals ONLY if our parents made us!!

    fivecrookedhalos (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I loved church camp ever summer....!


  7. Summertime and childhood. The wonderful days of inflatable pools, too-hot asphalt, playing outside until the streetlights turned on and afternoon popsicles. Definitely a daily staple of my childhood. Oh, for the good old days. At least I still get the afternoon popsicles.

  8. My favorite Summer memories include spendin several hours a day outside. We would take Barbies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on camping trips, make mud pies, dig car cities consisting of a huge hole that took several days to dig with intricate caves and pathways, and climb up the old pepper tree as high as we could go, and maybe have a water gun war if it was hot enough outside. When we were really lucky, mom would take us to the community pool to swim the afternoon away. I miss those adventurous carefree days of Summer!

  9. Oops..forgot my email address:

  10. Fondest childhood summer memory? going to the pool! I Loved the pool!! annie.shultz at

  11. Great post! Love the picture of chopping strawberries with a Curious Chef knife.

    One of my fondest childhood summer memories was helping pick strawberries at a strawberry farm. There's hardly anything better than plucking a sun-warmed strawberry and popping it in your mouth as a reward for hard labor! :)

    supsdell at

  12. Being at my grandparents house. I feel so blessed to have had them in my life when I needed them most! :)

  13. I didn't have an ice cream truck when I was growing up :( We lived in the country... So I had no idea those actually existed! I remember going up to my Grandparent's cabin every weekend during the summer and I loved every moment of it! shelbysteckroth(at)

  14. My fondest summer child hood memory has to be making mud pies with my best friend! It's one of the things that got me started in cooking, no mud included now ;)

  15. Lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds and imagining that the shapes were all kinds of things :)

  16. Having the family gather, making homemade ice-cream and playing yard games.

  17. I grew up on a farm, so we didn't get to experience the ice cream truck. We did, however, love to see the Schwan man's truck pull in our yard, because it was bound to be full of orange push-ups and other summer treats.

    My other favorite summer memory is the endless hours we spent playing in our pool- which was actually a large horse tank. Country life in the summer was fantastic.

    debbi (at) the sandbar (dot) com

  18. My favorite summer memory is going to Vacation Bible School and making a very large ice cream sundae in a rain gutter :). That was so much fun!

    amy at

  19. Oh, Amy, I remember doing that at VBS too!
    My favorite memory is going camping and to the water park (with one slide) with my family. The parents would play pin ball and my brother and I would go down the slide as many times as we could.

  20. Greatest memory: Church camp!

    I think the dry ice would be as much fun as the Bomb Pops :)

  21. One of my best childhood summer memories was painting rocks with friends and trying to sell them (I suppose we thought we were too artsy for lemonade & I believe we sold about 3 total)

  22. I remember playing softball with the cousins and climbing trees
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  23. My grandmother and grandfather owned an ice cream stand-we would go there and hang out with our cousins-working for "free ice cream" ah those were the days

  24. My favorite childhood summer memory is when my parents, brothers & I would drive to the beach a few times each summer. We always got a slice of amazing New York-style pizza and crinkle-cut fries from the pier before spending an hour in the huge arcade. Then beach & shopping!
    (We LOVE Bomb Pops, btw, so thanks for the chance to win some!)

  25. My fondest memory was living in town and around 1:00 everyday the ice cream man came down our street. You could hear the music playing several streets over. When he arrived my sister and brother and I would hurry up and run to the truck. I always wanted to get the orange dreamsickles! yummy!

  26. I loved hanging out in the yard in our little plastic pool ... sometimes with water, sometimes with a blanket. Always enjoyable.

    email_ourlittlehouse at yahoo dot com

  27. Yum - delish! My fave childhood summer memory involves playing in the backyard playhouse with my sister. Thanks!
    sjbraun at hotmail dot com

  28. I guess for childhood memory that sticks out the most would be playing in the pine straw under the pine trees with my younger brother. We would rake the pine straw into connecting piles around the tree trunks making what we called rooms in our! We would play outside all day long with the pine straw & our lil red wagon.

  29. Mom and I went to the beach or the park everyday

  30. I would have to say my fondest childhood memory is going to the pool every day with my best friend when we were about 13 years old. We would start off in the morning with macaroni and cheese and super mario kart. Then we'd head to the pool for 4-5 hours. EVERY day ;)

  31. I loved making mudpies with my cousins! I grew up on the island of Guam and we'd have typhoon/rainy season and because the rain was clean as my parents and grandparents liked to think they would let me, my brother and cousins play in the rain! I loved it sooo much, what better to make messes in the mud and with mud!

  32. Playing on the beach on the 4th of July!
    kayvay39 at yahoo dot com

  33. I loved eating watermelon by the pool and ritz crackers! summer picnics! <3

  34. I loved swimming all day and not having a care in the world!

    Elizabeth Owens