Monday, June 27, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Shapes!

Time to slice the cheese
"Can we make our cheese butterflies?" Audrey asked. I am baffled as to why shapes are so much fun. It might have something to do with the fact that my mom never cut my sandwiches on the diagonal or removed the crusts. She claimed there was more nutritional value in the crust. And I believed her. Now that I am the mom I want lunch to be fun.

After cutting shapes they each selected fruits and vegetables to accompany lunch. Today they have cantaloupe, blueberries, veggie chips, yellow carrots, ranch dip, pepperoni, and munster cheese. I also pulled out some different muffin tins and rice molds for a little change of pace.

This week I am going to visit as many Muffin Tin Meals as I can and showcase five on our site next Monday. If you would like for me to visit your site, please leave a comment below. As always, please check out the other fabulous Muffin Tin Monday Meals.

Finished product

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  1. They did a great job! I now know that you talk just like you right! How cool!

  2. I need to get some of those, I only have christmas ones

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I'd be happy for you to share my post next week. Thank you! :)


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