Saturday, June 25, 2011

Local Edition, Weeding Wednesday

Several local schools have gardens this summer and they have put out a call for help weeding. When I first read this I wanted to go help the next day. Unfortunately. life gets in the way. Audrey's dad left for Joplin last Wednesday and he needed our help with business matters. With him leaving at 4am to go help those affected by the disastrous tornado it was hard to tell him we would be too busy weeding to run errands for him. This week I left for Type-A early in the morning so we missed weeding again. I hope not to miss next week!. You should join us! Weeding is from 8am-12pm and they will start at West Junior High. Signs there will point you to other locations if they move. Weeding is a great way to get active.

Audrey's Golden Zucchini

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  1. JDaniel loves to weed. I wish we had a program like this where we live. I know what you are going to say. Yes, we should start one.

  2. I've been weeding for several days, it's a never ending job but it keeps us busy and sometimes it can be therapeutic. It would be nice to have a program like that.


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