Saturday, June 18, 2011

Local Edition, Picnic in the Park

Audrey, Mo, and I try to have a fun picnic in the park every Tuesday at 11:30. We have been rotating the parks we visit to more enjoy the variety that is available to us in Lawrence. That and South Park has been taken over by summer camp. This coming Tuesday we will be at Broken Arrow Park on the south end. Pack a lunch, bring your sun screen and join us. Audrey will probably bring something that looks like this:

Standard lunch

And Maurene will either spend her entire time in the hot, Kansas sun or she will sit quietly and eat the entire time. Mostly the girls do  not eat until we leave. If you want to keep up with us, follow our twitter feed at ToddlerAudrey or facebook at Audrey.Cooking. I try to remember to send a tweet out using the hashtag #lawmoms. Look for it!

If you are not local then you will have to send us pictures of your picnic so we can virtual picnic with you. Post them to our facebook page or tweet them to us. We would love to see you get out and enjoy a good lunch.

South Park

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