Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Crack an Egg

Nothing gets my heart racing quicker than Audrey saying, "I will get the eggs, mommy!"  And I hear this clip in my head. Go ahead, watch the entire thing, I'll wait. 

At about the three minute mark he is slamming breakfast items on the counter (blam!) and then says, "You have to be careful with eggs." Yes, you have to be careful with eggs. But that does not mean your toddler cannot cook with them. 

Audrey has been mastering the art of cracking an egg since she was two. I would love to say she is a pro. After a year and a half of practice she is still doing pretty good to get the egg in the bowl. Here are some tips for teaching your little one to crack eggs:
  • Have a towel handy
  • Make sure to have a garbage bowl for the shell
  • Expect to lose a few, practice!
  • Crack the egg on the counter, not the bowl
  • Place the egg in a separate container then add after all shells have been removed

    She is a pro

    Now Maurene wants to learn to crack an egg. I wish Bill Cosby were here.

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