Friday, June 17, 2011

100 Pushups and Muffins

Fun and Fitness Friday this week is for moms as well as kids. Our town has gotten caught up a bit in the idea. I try to do my pushups in the morning while getting ready for my day. The girls think it is very fun and try to do pushups along with me.

I think her placement is off...

And over she goes

Of course they don't exactly know what to do in order to do a pushup but it is cute watching them try. I like that they are seeing me do something good for my body and they will, hopefully, be encouraged to do likewise. We always make sure to grab a snack before we head out for our day. Some days we are low on homemade goods and end up with Cheerios or Gold Fish crackers. Others we are lucky enough to still have a muffin left over from the last batch. Our favorite muffins recently are Pineapple Not-Upside-Down Muffins made with pineapple, dried cherries, and a little whole wheat goodness. Try them yourself with our recipe or one of the variations. They are also easy to make vegan with some simple substitutions. Audrey and Maurene love making them almost as much as they love eating them.

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  1. That looks like me when I try to do push-ups, lol!

  2. Its a great picture. I love the smile

  3. What a little cutie!! Those muffins sound great!

  4. I don't think I could do that many push ups! I would need a lot of muffins to get motivated.


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