Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snacks Are a SNAP Part Two, Bananas

Continuing with the information campaign we were invited to participating in with The Kid Can Cook we bring you snacks using bananas. They are cheap, easy to eat and easy to prepare. One banana has around 100 calories, 12% of the daily requirement of dietary fiber and 17% of Vitamin C (based on 2000 calorie diet). We eat a lot of bananas. Audrey's daddy is in the military and needs to stay in shape so he has bananas often as a snack or with breakfast. The girls love to have a banana for breakfast, especially when we are in a hurry as bananas travel well. Here are some posts we have about bananas:

Many of these snacks can be prepared with no cooking. If you want a great nutritional bang for your buck I recommend bananas. I recently learned that some receiving assistance in our community are provided with $100 in food dollars per month. That seems like too small of an amount to provide food for a month. What would you eat if you could only spend $100 a month on food?

Our first installment focused on Peanut Butter. Check it out for more great snack ideas.

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  1. Another great post guys! I've got a snack featuring bananas later this month - they are a SUPER food!

  2. Love the breakfast bento I use to give those to my kiddos all the time. As always a BIG thank you for shedding light on SNAP!


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