Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cool Plates and Rainbow Meals

My girls may not always eat vegetables but they love fruit. Just about any kind of fruit but berries and bananas are their favorites. Audrey enjoys melons more than Maurene and grapes are loved equally by both. I am telling you this because if you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will have seen a lot of lunches with fruit, a little cheese or meat, and a grain. We have them so often it has become standard. Every so often I get a few raw carrots into them with a nice glob of peanut butter but that is it. I have tried different colored sweet bell peppers and lettuce covered in cheese with only limited success. So, they are eating a wide variety of colors almost every day. I do get protein and grains in them. No need to worry, right?
Audrey not only helped to make this meal but she decided the contents of the plate. She wanted a hot dog and a rainbow. Yes, ma'am. The plates were given to us by a wonderful company called Tommee Tippee to road test. We love them as the different items stay in their place and can never touch. They also have deep sections to hold a great deal of food without spilling. And, momma's favorite feature, they are dishwasher safe. Everyone is happy. The wonderful marketing person was kind enough to send our free plates in pink but they have several other colors to choose from. For those with younger children there are some fabulous feeding spoons and weaning bowls. All products are BPA free. 

*Disclosure - We received two free plates for this review. The was no monetary compensation and all opinions expressed are mine and Audrey's. *

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  1. Rainbow meals are our favorite! :) Cool plate!


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