A New Grain for Us

Our friend Michelle Stern at What's Cooking with Kids challenged her readers to try a new grain this week. That is not hard for us because we do not eat much in the way of whole grains. We may have them ground up  into flour or baked into bread but in the true form they are foreign to our plates. I have tried serving brown rice with mixed results. After asking Michelle's advice I found something that will work, short-grain brown rice. It cooks up as fast as white rice and is still soft enough to eat. Today I had the girls help me make it into a meal with some vegetable sauce.
Audrey and Maurene's Tasks:

  1. Add rice and water to rice cooker
  2. Spoon sauce into pyrex
  3. Operate microwave
Mom's Tasks:
  1. Assist girls
  2. Serve meal
We had a wonderfully healthy meal of short-grain brown rice with tomato vegetable sauce and a salad made with an almost burgundy leaf lettuce, cantaloupe, and bacon. The girls had fresh berries on the side while I simply had more salad. I put a little broccoli flower in the rice and they both picked it out and nibbled on it. Edible flowers might be an area we explore soon.
Audrey and Maurene both ate all of their fruit and bacon from the salad. Neither cared for the red lettuce. Audrey claimed to not like the rice but once she tried it she ate most without another word. Maurene did not want to try the rice but when I offered her a small bite she ate it willingly and without complaint. This is a small victory for our house. It was an easier mission to carry out because the girl's daddy is away currently. Sometimes he is the pickiest eater. How to deal with that problem?

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