Sunday, May 1, 2011

Snacks Are a SNAP, Peanut Butter

Audrey and family have been invited to participate in an awareness campaign by our friends over at The Kid Can Cook. They are raising awareness of nutrition and hunger in children. Please read more over at The Kid Can Cook to find out what you can do to help.

What we have been asked to help with are snacks. Every child needs them and they need to be healthy. What would you fix if you had a limited budget and limited kitchen skills? These children live on as little as $4 a week in food budget. One of the items we noticed on the list of foods they typically have access to was peanut butter. That is something we eat a lot of in our house. We do not really have recipes for this ingredient but we sure do consume a lot of it.
Lady Bugs on a log (craisins)
Peanut butter goes great with apples, raw carrots, celery. Audrey loves it on bread with jelly. If you use whole wheat bread and a low sugar jelly this can be a really healthy snack. Peanut butter is a great protein and easy to store and prepare. Children as young as three can help prepare these simple snacks. 

We will be writing several posts to raise awareness of the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens. Children are our future and need our help most of all. If they are hungry they will not be able to learn well and may get stuck in a cycle of poverty. 

We would like to ask two things of you:
  1. Find out more about the serious issue of childhood hunger in America. The organization we have joined is Share Our Strength and we are having a bake sale this summer.
  2. Make a donation to a local food bank. It can be $1 at the checkout line at a grocery store collecting funds or a jar of peanut butter dropped off at a collection center
Every little bit helps. We are hoping to raise $200 this summer through our bake sale but we also contribute to our local community. Audrey's school has a food donation bucket at the front door and we try to add something monthly. What will you do?

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  1. Every month I spend $20 on food to donate. Usually it goes to the food bank, but every once in awhile someone else, like the women's shelter last month, is in need.

  2. That is wonderful! We are gathering some coupons to donate peanut butter this month. I usually just clean out the pantry but thought it best to make an effort to buy good foods.

  3. This is great you guys! I'm adding it to our link list - good work!


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