I Don't Want to Help With Ribs

Episode two of Toddler Tips and Tricks.
Recently I received a message from another mommy of a toddler telling me her child had lost interest in cooking. That happens around here often. Audrey is three and gets bored after she has learned a task to her satisfaction. When we came home from the store with supplies for dinner and muffins she was more interested in a princess coloring book than helping with dinner. Fortunately for me, I have another helper:


Children at Audrey's age can get bored easily. The trick is to try to find a new skill to teach or something fun to do. My girls almost always love to wash dishes. I fill the sink about a fourth full with cool, soapy water and add a few non-breakable dishes. They pour water all over themselves, the floor, and the counter while they play with the dishes. I usually still need to wash them in the dishwasher after they are done but theĀ uninterruptedĀ time is worth it. If we are getting ready to cook I can set up or if we have just finished I can clean up. If you find that cooking holds less interest these days with your helper try to find something new to do. Washing dishes or cleaning counters are fun tasks in Audrey's kitchen.

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