How Not to Cut Your Knuckle Off

This is the first post in what I hope will be many on Toddler Tips and Tricks.

I am a mom who regularly instructs small children on cooking skills in the kitchen. And this weekend I cut off a large portion of my thumb knuckle. It not only hurt, but was embarrassing as I did it in front of Audrey. This is not a time where "Do as I say not as I do" applies. I was using the knife incorrectly. The reason I bring this up is because learning proper cutting skills is very important. Audrey and I have been working with cutting activities almost as long as she has been helping in the kitchen. The same goes for Maurene. Children do not need to have sharp knives in order to learn how to properly cut. A wonderful teacher, Michelle Stern, has a good article on her website called Teaching Knife Skills to Kids. She also includes some recommendations for special knives made for children. They are not necessary but do make cutting easier. So go read the article and don't cut your knuckle in front of your three-year-old.

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