Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"The Whole Family Cookbook" by Michelle Stern

We finally had it out with the mailman and he agreed to turn over our copy of "The Whole Family Cookbook." The wait was not pretty. Audrey and I had taken to checking the mail every day, something we rarely do. 

Little good comes in the mail so we just don't bother. But this was so exciting. We knew the book was coming. Our mail is placed in a little box with larger packages put in a container and the key left in the mailbox. He forgot to leave us the key. Our book has been sitting there for a week. During that week we could have cooked those wonderful Corny Raspberry Muffins or Chewy Maple Granola Bars. We all know how Maurene feels about granola bars. 

This week is so busy with meetings and parties already planned and the Downtown Farmers Market Opening Day. We will have to wait until next week. And you could cook along with us. Amazon has this wonderful cookbook on sale right now! If you have Prime you could have it in two days! Order now and let us know when your copy arrives so you can enjoy these yummy recipes with us.

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