Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great American Bake Sale

Learning to bake.

Audrey and family have signed up to raise money for Share Our Strength through the Great American Bake Sale. This summer we plan to bake as many muffins as we can and (hopefully!) sell them all to raise $200 for this wonderful cause. What we need are great muffin recipes. Sweet or savory, but make them kid-friendly, please! I know we have a few good recipes but I believe we may need to bake upwards of 100 muffins to raise the money we need. Hmm, we need to take into account cost of goods sold when tallying, so make that 150 muffins! We can do it; will you help? Send us your recipes,

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  1. Such a great idea. Also, if the cause you are baking for has a tax id number, you may be able to ask the managers of grocery stores for free ingredients. That would really help your muffins go further. :)

  2. We had such fun doing our bake sales in our community and raising awareness on childhood hunger in America and in our community. Don't be afraid to ask your local grocery stores or shops; ours were more than willing to help donate and even give gift certificates.


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