Monday, April 11, 2011

April 9 Picky Eaters, Unite!

The Downtown Farmers Market might be the end of Audrey's picky ways. She found and brought home two varieties of leaf lettuce and something that looks a little like a flowering broccoli. The lettuce are for planting but the beautiful yellow flowers we all tried bites of. She found the pretty bunch and grabbed them off the table while I was looking at arugula. I could not tell her no after she clutched them so tightly in her hands. After I paid and asked the vendor how to prepare them we headed home. Our market is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and we will attend as many as possible. We have also signed up for our CSA again this year. I am looking forward to more exciting finds and eats! And next time I will remember my camera so you can have action shots instead of produce on my counter.

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