Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7 No Heat Noodles

Audrey has a natural curiosity about food preparation and an age appropriate desire to help. Hoping to capitalize on that now, while she is young, I decided to have her start doing more to get ready for dinner. Tonight I had her clean the table; get the noodles out of the cabinet; boil the water; and add the noodles to the water. That is where she stopped. You see, Audrey has a fear of cooking on the stove top. She has never burned herself while cooking so I am not certain where the fear comes from. Maurene is not afraid. After Audrey refused to stir Maurene asked me to hold her up so she could do it.
She said sister sprayed her with water.

Not going to do it.

It was good anyway.

We had Peanut Butter Noodles for dinner with corn, blackberries, and raw carrots and peanut butter. I selected the main dish and Audrey picked everything else out.

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