Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Audrey's daddy's birthday. He is now 34. When he was a young man he ate anything he could prepare that was quick and tasty, regardless of nutritional value. After I came on the scene he continued to eat that way because I was a bad cook. That is no secret to those who know me. There were several times I tried to cook and failed in very spectacular ways. I am still teased about a meat loaf in which I forgot to add the egg.

After Audrey was born I started taking her to the local Farmers Market. It was mostly something to do with my time because I was awake anyway. We wandered around talking to anyone who would stop and let Audrey pet the dogs. Just by accident I bought some nutritious food. Sometimes we even consumed it.

Fast forward to the summer Maurene was born and a blessed 7 weeks spent in Detroit Lakes, MN with my in-laws. They can cook. And they started to teach Audrey. When we returned home I vowed to continue cooking with Audrey. I am glad this was not one of those ideas that falls by the wayside when times get tough. Here we are, almost two years later and still cooking.

This post is dedicated to Audrey and Maurene's daddy on the anniversary of his birth.

(We plan to make some cupcakes before dinner)

Audrey cooking with her daddy.

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