Monday, April 25, 2011

April 24 Happy Easter!

You will be shocked to learn that Audrey and Maurene colored eggs for Easter. Yeah, I know, everyone else did as well. Audrey was old enough to help last year but this is the first time Maurene was able to participate. We were fortunate enough to have Nana and Papa come to visit for the holiday weekend and they helped led the egg dying activities. Maurene was fascinated by the dyes and kept trying to get the eggs in quick! I believe more than one egg made a crash landing in the dye cup. Here are some pictures. Sorry about the shadows, we set up some photography equipment and left it up during the egg dying fun.

What is your family planning to do with the hard boiled eggs? Audrey tried one cut in half with a little salt for lunch but she was not impressed. We would love tips and ideas for great ways to enjoy a hard boiled egg.

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