Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 21 Pasta in Disguise

The girls are average toddlers and would rather eat bread, pasta, and crackers as opposed to almost anything. Maurene does have a serious addiction to bananas and Audrey loves her daddy's cherry flavored yogurt but mostly they want mac'n cheese. And hot dogs. You know I try, right? Every day we have fresh fruit and different colored vegetables so that they can make healthy choices. This is what I get for my trouble:
You are making what?!
They have really made progress over the last several months. Audrey loves and will steal my Green Monster Smoothie. Maurene accidentally ate a piece of lettuce the other day and did not even notice (now to get her to do it on purpose). When I am wearing thin I will resort to hiding the taste of things like whole wheat pasta with Fauxfredo sauce so they will eat it, sans complaints. The sauce is healthy but tastes like decadent cheese. Mo still loves to cook the pasta with me, even if it is whole wheat.

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