Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Audrey, Mo and I are trying to garden more this year. Anything would be more as we did not get a garden in last year. The problem we are having this year is that some of our bunch are inexperienced at gardening and the rest are bad at it. I won't say which.

We found a super cute blog post about making a garden out of pallets so we snag one listed as free for the taking behind the office; purchased the supplies; and hit the Farmers Market for plants. Here is what we have so far:

We hope to fill the rest of the slots with more herbs soon. The lettuce is good and it is fun having it right there to pick. Have you decided to grow anything this year? You can garden easily in smaller containers even if you do not have a yard. We would love to hear your plans and please post pictures on Facebook.

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  1. What a great idea for using the recources available to you! My kids loved picking our lettuce and it has unfortunately bolted this week due to the heat and we miss our salads already. I bet basil would grow well in the pallet! Can't wait to see how your garden grows this year!!!!


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