Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Local Edition

Saturdays are special during the warm months. We get up; pack snacks and spare clothes; and head downtown. It is our Lawrence Downtown Farmers Market day. Most visits we buy stuff, some we do not. Last week garnered leaf lettuce to plant and a pretty edible flower bunch for Audrey. We also picked up a dozen eggs from our favorite vendor, Hilltop Farms.
Our plan is to pick up a small bag of greens and maybe a few more packs of leaf lettuce to plant from Pendleton's. We will also talk to Jeff with Hilltop Farms about local raised pork and chicken (the chicken in our header is from Hilltop Farms). If you are in the market for either you should stop in from 7-11AM to inquire. There are also cute piglet pictures on their website.

  • This week is also the Earth Day Parade with a vendor exhibition at South Park after. Necessitating a larger bag of snacks, extra clothing, blankets, water, and toys.
  • Also on the schedule this weekend is an Easter Egg Hunt at the 6th and Folks Douglas County Bank and one at the West Campus of the First United Methodist Church. It does not look good for us to catch either of these. Both begin at 10AM.
  • The Kansas Half Marathon is this Sunday. They have a 1k Fun run that sounds interesting. I am thinking about taking the girls to see if they enjoy. It is never too early to get out and exercise!
  • We are talking about heading to Pendleton's Wednesday around 4 or 4:30 to pick asparagus. Keep up with us on Facebook for more details about this outing.
That is all we have planned this week. What is going on in your part of the world?

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  1. We're off to an Easter Egg Hunt.
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