Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday

We did our usual picnic in the park gig with our friends today. This became a regular event last summer and has been mostly on hold all winter. We tried to meet at the Golden Arches but the noise/food drove me, and most of the other moms, away. With our 50s weather today the park was back on.
Audrey loves to pack lunch and she is getting pretty good at dictating what she wants to fix. Supposed to be a Turkey Sandwich but she said no, the black sandwich was on the menu. This is Nutella. I try not to let them have it often but I try not to stress when they do. It has to be better than an over-priced kids' meal with a cheap plastic toy.
Please check out all the other Bento Lunches at What's For Lunch Wednesday. Audrey is working hard to learn those skills. She just likes to look at the pictures.
Audrey spread the jam

Nutella and Jam

No one saw that

She placed everything just so... then Mo took a bite

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  1. Bravo audrey!! :D it's a lovely star-sandwich and looks yummie :)


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