Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3 Rainbow Pancakes

This lovely breakfast used to be called Pink Pancakes until I found several more recipes for different colors. Now when Audrey and I make pancakes I dump the leftovers, whatever their color, into a freezer bag to freeze until next time the girls need a pancake fix. We have green, pink, orange, and blue recipes and I am sure more to come. Now when I am too tired to think about breakfast I know that Audrey has made a wonderful meal for our consumption. Here is the rest of the menu for today:

Breakfast - Rainbow Pancakes
Lunch - Nut Butter and Jam Sandwiches with fruit
Dinner - Baked Tilapia
Side Dish - Seasoned Rice
Pink pancakes
Green Pancakes



  1. She's going to be a good chef someday. She's very cute specially she's helping you in the kitchen. Keep it up!
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  2. Just found you via Social Moms! My kids love rainbow pancakes. I've been slowly phasing out all the processed/unhealthy foods though and haven't tried an alternative to box food coloring. I love your ideas!

  3. Thanks so much for the comments. We are still looking for a few colors (namely blue) but have had great success with the pink, green, and orange (carrots).


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