Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18 Oatmeal Cookie Day

According to FoodFest 365!: The Officially Fun Food Holiday Cookbook today is Oatmeal Cookie Day. Who are we to argue? Audrey loves oatmeal cookies and the first time we made them I ate 8 in one setting. I told Audrey we gave the rest to our friends but really I ate them. The classic chocolate chip cookie used to be my favorite but recently the oatmeal raisin has won out. Who does not love the chewy, sweet goodness of raisins and oats? There is also something about making cookies with healthy ingredients like oats and raisins that makes me think that they are just a little bit healthier than a sugar or chocolate chip. For that reason I am a lot  more likely to say yes to baking cookies when they are 'healthy' cookies. Are you with me?

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