Monday, March 14, 2011

To Bed With You

Audrey's mom has taken to the bed sick. Dad offered to take the girls fish shopping while mom rested and whipped up a little dinner. A super easy meal was already planned so, even without assistants, mom will manage.

Do you like how I speak of  myself in the third person? Erie.

Audrey had some friends over earlier today and they made Ham and Cheese Popovers in baking cups. While shopping for the ingredients I happened to notice the sodium content of cured ham. Wow! I purchased a small package of cooked chicken to augment the smaller amount of ham I set out for the children. They did not care, they just wanted cheese. After they filled their croissants and rolled them up almost every child begged for some of the leftover cheese. And they ate every bite of fruit and popover served to them. I forgot to take pictures while they were creating and only snap two quick photos before the girls devoured the popovers. As you can see they were accompanied by fruit and a little fruit dip.

Yummy Popovers

Mo loves it!

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