Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 Fish and Puppies

Audrey always surprises me with what she will eat. With this meal it was the fish sticks. Homemade Fish Sticks made from a wonderful recipe found in The Sneaky Chef cookbook (Maurene helped make the bread crumbs). Audrey helped make the fun Hush Puppies we had with the meal. She loves to use the cookie scoop and that was all she wanted to do.
I forgot to mention that it is probably best that you fry the hush puppies. They were a little bland baked. I might lightly fry them and then bake to finish cooking.

After you check out the link for the Hush Puppies take a look around. It is a fabulous site!


  1. I thought having to remove the head, tail and scales from the fish when making fish sticks would repel Detroit but he loved them. I think kids are better eaters when they know exactly where their food is coming from; animal, plant, etc and not just out of some box. We'll have to try the hush puppies recipe next time!

  2. It looks like they had fun being able to help with dinner. Hope it was a delicious meal!

  3. I forgot to post in the article (I will go back and add) that if you do not fry the Hush Puppies they taste like corn muffins. And, according to Audrey's dad, corn muffins should be a little sweet and not full of vegetables. We are going to lightly fry them next time.


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