Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 24 Help Prep

Have a young child help get ready for a meal? Sounds crazy but it can actually be a big help as long as you select some easy tasks. Audrey likes to cut fruit and tear lettuce so I put her in charge of making salad for dinner. She is also getting better at plating foods. If I give her a small bowl she can scoop out dip for an appetizer or condiments for the meal. It is sometimes these little things that are enough to make her feel special. And when she helps she is more out of the way than if I simply asked her not to bother me.


  1. Not every night is a Help Mommy In the Kitchen Night, but I always look for small jobs for the kids to do to get them involved and take ownership of the meal. Setting the table and dishing out the food is a great one. Sometimes just holding the edge of a bowl while I do most of the work gets their eyes on what goes in to making a meal. After my 3 year old watched me turn potatoes into oven-fries, he exclaimed to his big sister at the table, "Did you know French fries are potatoes?"

  2. I love that! Audrey has yet to realize that.

  3. It is really fun when children help you out in kitchen. They also get some kitchen knowledge.


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