Friday, February 11, 2011

February 8 "The $5 Dinner Mom" Pizza Wraps

Anything with the word pizza in the title usually goes over well in this house. Audrey is just learning that pizza is a fun food to eat so she has started to enjoy making the different foods we call pizza. We found a recipe in The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook for Pizza Wraps that are not only inexpensive but tasty! The recipe originally made it on the menu because we had a pizza cooking demonstration and had leftover pepperoni. After this dinner I had to kept a small bag around for Pizza Wrap night. We even get the cute mini pepperonis some times because the girls think they are fun to eat. Well, Maurene likes to play with them but I am hoping she will learn to eat a little meat soon. When we first made these wraps Audrey was not as good of a helper so many of the tasks listed for mom can no be done by Audrey; like helping to get the ingredients and pouring the sauce on the tortillas. Here is a cute picture of Audrey chopping green peppers. We usually purchase red because we like the taste better.

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