Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 6 "Deceptively Delicious" Pink Pancakes

Audrey loves anything pink. And she also loves pancakes. Her daddy likes to buy the pancake mix you add a few ingredients to and cook. In our Deceptively Delicious cookbook (which we adore) we found a wonderful recipe for Pink Pancakes that uses a mix. Audrey loves to make them because the food processor is involved. We mix up a batch or two and freeze what the girls do no eat. That way I am able to add 'Pink Pancakes' to the weekly breakfast menu when I know I do not like to cook in the morning nor am I able to do more than toast a frozen pancake. This allows time for me to make coffee and sulk over the news. Place these next to the Lily Pad Pancakes and you are well on your way to a rainbow sensation in your freezer.


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