Monday, February 28, 2011

"Yummy Cookies" Cocoa Crackles

Measuring and pouring.

Like any toddler Audrey loves cookies. And, like her mother, Audrey loves chocolate. When the two desires converge we like to make Cocoa Crackles from the Sesame Street Yummy Cookies: Baking with Kids cookbook. It calls for a little whole wheat in the recipe and is not as bad as most cookie recipes. When you want to splurge, give this recipe a try to see if it will take care of your sweet tooth, if you have one.

Audrey also loves any excuse to use the stand mixer. It is not as fun as the food processor but that might be because it is not this stand mixer:
Audrey's mommy has a birthday coming up soon and she is thinking about asking for this wonderful machine so she and Audrey can have fun with it.


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