Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"The New Junior Cookbook" Top-Secret Wraps

From The New Junior Cookbook we found, and love, Top-Secret Wraps. They are a great meal on-the-go. Audrey and Maurene spend so much time visiting with friends or hanging out at the drop in center that we need to pack lunches several days a week. The girls love that they are made with tortillas and will eat them when they have tired of the same old sandwich. I love that I can make them with whole wheat tortillas and healthy filling and the girls still like them. Follow the ingredient list on the recipe or swap out for your child's favorites. With Audrey and Maurene so much of it is about marketing. It is used to sell sugary cereal, why not use it to sell healthy lunches. Then add some fresh or frozen fruit for a fun lunch.

A yummy lunch.

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