Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 1 Cookbook Reviews

After cooking with Audrey for over a year I have found several cookbooks to be very handy. In the next few weeks we will share a few recipes from these books so you can see how wonderful they are and decide for yourself which ones you need to have. We have also recently received a couple of fun new ones that we will test and include soon. Some of the books included are:

  1. The Toddler Cookbook
  2. Cooking Rocks!
  3. The Sneaky Chef
  4. The $5 Dinner Mom
  5. Picture Me Cooking
Audrey loves to pull a cookbook off the shelf and pick out a recipe. Sometimes we even have the ingredients on hand. After we show you our favorite cookbooks we will pull it all together with a menu and shopping lists so you can cook along.

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