Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 9 Lunches

Audrey and Maurene get to play at a wonderful drop-in care center when momma has to work. For those days when their stay includes the lunch hour Audrey and I pack them lunches. We use sandwiches containers and pack various fruits, breads, and vegetables. Occasionally they bring sliced hot dogs or Banana 'Hot Dog' Sandwiches. I picked up a few inexpensive containers and keep snack food on hand. Audrey loves to add a variety of items and will even include dressing for salad or ketchup for hot dogs. She can chop soft foods and put spreads on bread. Most of the other ingredients are simply placed in the containers. This is a great way to let your little one help in the kitchen. I also post a few lunches on What's For Lunch Wednesday. It is a fun site for bento meals. Check out what other moms send for lunch. Here are a few of Audrey's recent creations:

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