Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 8 Slow Cooker Yogurt

This is a wonderful recipe for homemade Slow Cooker Yogurt that is so easy to fix. Of course it comes from the queen of the slow cooker, Stephanie O'Dea. Audrey loves to count the cups of milk and pour them in the crock. For a younger child it might be easier to place the milk in a small pitcher or large measuring cup and help her pour into the crock. It is so much fun to start this in the morning and have fresh yogurt chilled for breakfast the next morning. The process takes all day but there is very little hands on time. At the end of the day you simply place the homemade yogurt into containers for a yummy breakfast meal.
Here is a photo I took of Audrey the first time she made this with me. She was so happy to help.

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