Monday, January 24, 2011

Basic Muffin Recipe

One of the best ways to involve your children in cooking is to make a fun treat. We love our Muffin recipe that we got from the Tightwad Gazette that allows us to throw in ingredients we like and have on hand. If you do not have a copy of this book I recommend you get one. I have two. Most of the muffin ingredients can be measured and ready to add for children new to the kitchen. This is what I did in the beginning. I recently recorded Audrey helping me make these muffins but the recording cut off before we were finished. Here it is in it's unedited version because I have not learned to edit movies, yet!

She and I love to make muffins because they are easy to transport and fun to eat. We make them in the mini muffin pan half the time so we can send a few for lunch.

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  1. She is adorable, i love the video. What a talented cook! :)

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