Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 13 Knife Skills

The idea that I let Audrey cut food has always fascinated friends and family. No, I do not let her cut alone with a sharp knife. Yes, she can cut food all on her own. If you have ever seen pictures of the lunches we pack you can see the uneven items she has cut. It was not something she was good at from the beginning. Like learning to crack an egg, we have worked at it. Most professionals with early childhood education degree would agree that I’m helping her build confidence and independence. I found and purchased Audrey a Curious Chef knife early on in her cooking education. This is a wonderful tool but is not really necessary. Some days we use a butter knife because it is smaller. (Although she has more trouble telling which is the cutting edge with the butter knife.) I have even let her help me use a sharp knife to cut foods to hard for her knife. We don't do this often and I tell her every time she is not allowed to use the sharp knife on her own. This fabulous tutorial by Michelle Stern covers everything you need to know about teaching your child to cut food and use a knife. Wish she had written it before I taught Audrey!


  1. I am humbled that you write about me in this post! I adore the two of you and think that you are an incredible role model for other parents :-)

  2. You explained it all! We like to share where we get our best tips and so many come from you!


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